Adding Hardscape features to your backyard

Hardscape features can greatly increase the value of your home and are considered to be any type of hard surface or structure added to your landscape. A gazebo, built-in bar-be-que, decking, concrete flower beds, and anything of this nature are all considered to be hardscape additions. If you have a large back or front yard, the possibilities are pretty much unlimited. We actually know a local homeowner that lives in Scottsdale Arizona that had her home evaluated before adding a shaded gazebo to her back yard. Before the project was completed, she was given an estimate of $250,000 for her home. After the gazebo was completed, she then received an estimate for  $275,000! That’s a huge difference of $25,000 in extra money she would have received for a project that only cost her $8,000.

Real estate is all about perceived value and there are many ways to increase the amount of money someone is willing to pay for your home. Many people think about remodeling and adding to the inside of their houses, but neglect the possible opportunities that exist in your homes front or back yard. Home valuations have been proven to be greater when outside structures are added to a property so we always suggest to get creative and brain storm ideas of what you could add to your yard. It’s important to be practical and try to actually add something of value that you and your family will utilize, BUT if you’re just in it for the money, that’s OK too. We hope you’ve received great value from this post… we want to thank our friends NTS Landscaping for sponsoring this blog. NTS offers the best Scottsdale landscaping services, hands down.

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